Harley-Davidson® of Jamestown Women Riders

It's Your Life. Don't Just Go Along for the Ride.

Women aren't enjoying the open road from just the backseat of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle anymore. Now more than ever, women are claiming their own piece of the Harley® culture and lifestyle and becoming bike owners. In fact, women make up 12% of annual sales. Up from 2% in 1985 according to the American Motorcyclists Association.

Who wouldn't want the power, freedom, and independence that comes with bike ownership? The first step for anyone who wants to become a rider is to make a commitment and set a goal. If you have already taken a safety course, make a goal to purchase a bike of your own within a certain time frame. Otherwise, find a local riding course that is certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Don't have unrealistic expectations, there are going to be setbacks. The sport of motorcycling requires a refined skill set that takes time to master. The best thing you can do is find a mentor that you are comfortable riding with and seeking advice from. Some women find it intimidating to ride alongside their husband or boyfriend. Often the end result is frustration and anger. Not to mention you may pick up some incorrect techniques or bad habits, another reason why it is so important to take an accredited Motorcycle Safety Course. Remember, everyone starts at the beginning.

Make sure you are 100% comfortable on your bike. There is no specific bike just for women. A lot of women do start out on a Sportster® model but don't let that stop you from trying out a Dyna® or Softail®. Each provides their own unique riding experience. There isn't a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle out there that a woman couldn't handle. The important thing is to sit on several of the bikes and truly find out what is comfortable for you. Work with dealership staff to have your seat, handlebars, and foot controls adjusted accordingly.

Make sure you have proper fitting safety gear. Harley-Davidson® has a full line of functional riding gear designed just for women, pink and rhinestones included if that is your style. Jackets, boots, helmets, and eyewear that fit correctly will help you feel more secure and confident on your bike.

You can find a million reasons not to ride. You're too busy building a career, your kids preoccupy your time, it seems unaffordable, you're not physically strong enough, you don't know anyone who rides, etc. Do any of those excuses sound familiar? Ask yourself, "how badly do I really want to do this?" If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen.